Half-Time for the Research Consortia INTeRCePT and StimuLOOP

28.05.2024 17:06

The LOOP Zurich carried out its first Midterm Review. This marked a significant milestone for the INTeRCePT and StimuLOOP projects, both of which started by the end of 2021. So, on the 23rd and 24th of May 2024 it was time to reflect on the progress made, address challenges, and plan next steps.

The review was a comprehensive event that brought together the LOOP Zurich’s Scientific Advisory Board and the members of the consortia to evaluate the work done so far. During the review, the teams delivered presentations on their progress. They openly discussed the challenges they faced and the necessary deviations from the original project plans. This transparency led to a constructive environment where solutions and strategies could be discussed.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board were impressed with the active participation of young researchers. They presented various work packages, sharing insights and findings. The event also included poster sessions, which allowed for in-depth conversations and exchanges of ideas.

The social highlight of the LOOP Midterm Review was a guided tour and dinner at the zoo. The Kifaru Lounge at the giraffes’ lodgings was the ideal location for the researchers and the members of the Scientific Advisory Board to get to know each other better, under the watchful eye of the giraffes. The midterm review also included a visit to the Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics at ETH Zurich, where the StimuLOOP team demonstrated how they do gait measurements in their project.

Overall, the LOOP Zurich first Midterm Review was a successful and enriching event, that received positive feedback from many. It not only assessed the current state of the projects but also inspired continued collaboration and innovation for INTeRCePT and StimuLOOP.