Preview: The LOOP Zurich at Scientifica 2023

07.08.2023 11:30

Scientifica is Switzerland's largest science festival, offering a multi-day program at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. For the research teams of The LOOP Zurich, it's a fantastic opportunity to introduce precision medicine to a wide audience.

What is precision medicine? Our Pencast video provides an answer to this question. But what about the application in research projects? The two translational projects, INTeRCePT and StimuLOOP, will be present at Scientifica and will showcase their approaches to precision medicine.

Short Lecture: INTeRCePT – Targeted Treatment for Blood Cancer Patients

Improving therapy for blood cancer patients who have experienced a relapse is one of the most pressing challenges in oncology. Over 1,100 people in Switzerland die from leukemia and lymphomas each year. The research project “INTeRCePT” by The LOOP Zurich aims to optimize the treatment choices for this patient group. Through collaboration with the Kinderspital Zurich and the University Hospital, promising approaches will be presented in this study to make the treatment of blood cancer more efficient and targeted.

Interested individuals should mark their calendars for Sunday, September 3rd, from 13:00 to 13:45, when Thorsten Zenz will present the project in a short lecture.

Interactive Exhibition: StimuLOOP – Personalized Rehabilitation of Tomorrow

The LOOP Zurich supports the interdisciplinary research consortium StimuLOOP to revolutionize the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and strokes. These neurological conditions significantly impact the quality of life and mobility of older individuals. StimuLOOP develops innovative therapy approaches based on personalized training and the consolidation of newly learned movement patterns during sleep.

By utilizing biosignals from brain activity or movement patterns, a highly precise treatment can be developed, tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Visitors to Scientifica 2023 will have the unique opportunity to actively try out simulations of these advanced therapy methods. The four areas, including the precise analysis of gait patterns using artificial intelligence, controlling a robot through brain signals, simulating consolidation during sleep, and improving walking through adaptation, offer fascinating insights into the future of rehabilitation.

The expected 20,000 to 30,000 visitors at Scientifica 2023 will immerse themselves in a world of fascinating research and learn how science, technology, and medicine collaborate to promote human health.